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Full wedding Bar package

The most complete and comprehensive Mobile Wedding Bar package in portugal.

Beverages play a crucial role in elevating the hospitality experience at weddings, and a well-appointed bar becomes a laid-back focal point where guests gather and savor the celebration. Bars have long been recognized as the epicenter of social interaction, and incorporating one into your wedding provides that same lively atmosphere. Even if your chosen venue doesn’t have a bar, it’s still possible to offer drinks at your wedding. However, there’s a unique charm in engaging with bartenders, witnessing the craft of drink preparation, and immersing yourself in the overall ambiance of a wedding bar. Consider the bar an integral part of your wedding entertainment, contributing to the overall style, decor, and, of course, the culinary and beverage experience.

Our comprehensive wedding package, crafted from insights gained from previous weddings, aims to streamline your beverage decisions, ensuring all guests enjoy an unlimited variety of their favorite drinks. This all-inclusive package covers every aspect needed during a wedding day. With a fixed price per person, tailored to the level of service you desire, this arrangement eliminates worries about exceeding your budget. It’s an ideal option for planners seeking clarity on bar package costs without the hassle of continuous expense tracking.

Included in our bar packages are professional staffing to deliver exceptional service. Additionally, we provide a portable bar set-up complete with equipment, utensils, glassware, cool boxes, all beverages, fruits, herbs, ice, and cover all set-up and breakdown costs. It’s a comprehensive solution designed to enhance your wedding experience and alleviate the complexities of coordinating the beverage aspect of your celebration.


Enhance the reception experience for your guests with our delightful welcome drinks. As your attendees arrive at your wedding, our professional staff will warmly greet them, offering a choice of refreshing beverages such as water, lemonade, wine, or even a low alcohol by volume (ABV%) cocktail while they await the commencement of the ceremony.

To streamline service and ensure every guest has timely access to a drink, we can arrange for the drinks to be elegantly presented on trays, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall experience.


Bar counters, Bartenders, Equipment’s & Utensils
Water: Still l Sparkling
Wine: Rosé l White l Sparkling
Beer: Superbock 33cl
Juices : Homemade lemonade l Apple juice l Orange juice

Cocktails(Optional): Choice of one classic or signature cocktails featuring our Essentials spirits.

Welcome Drinks - Mobile Bar Catering Algarve

Ceremony Waters.

In the warm Algarve climate, staying hydrated during ceremonies is crucial. To ensure your guests remain comfortable throughout the event, we offer a thoughtful solution. At the entrance to the ceremony location, we will arrange a chilled bottled water station. This allows guests to conveniently collect a 0.5L bottle of refreshing water while comfortably seated, ensuring everyone stays cool and hydrated during the ceremony.


Water: Still 0,5l bottle

Wedding Reception Waters - Mobile Bar Catering Algarve

Reception cocktail (post ceremony).

The reception marks a moment for celebratory toasts with effervescent bubbles. Following the ceremony, we suggest treating your guests to a glass of champagne, sparkling wine, or perhaps a couple of cocktails to kick off the festivities. For this stage, we recommend lighter options with low alcohol by volume (ABV%), such as spritzers, wines, beers, and juices.

To enhance service and ensure every guest can easily access a drink, consider having the beverages served on trays. This not only adds a touch of elegance but also guarantees that all attendees can enjoy a drink promptly and seamlessly.


Water: Still l Sparkling
Wine: Rosé l White l Red l Sparkling
Beer: Superbock 33cl
Juices : Homemade lemonade l Apple juice l Orange juice

Cocktails(Optional): Choice of two classic or signature cocktails featuring our Essentials spirits.

Mobile Wedding Catering Algarve - Bar Service

Dinner Beverages

Our dedicated team will meticulously arrange tables with water and wine glasses prior to the guests’ arrival, ensuring a welcoming setup. Once seated, our attentive beverage team will take care of serving water and wine to each guest. Throughout the service, our diligent waiters will promptly replenish empty water glasses and ensure wine glasses are continuously topped up. Additionally, they will efficiently collect and serve drinks from the bar, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable dining experience for all attendees.


Water: Still l Sparkling
Wine: Red l White l Rosé
Beer: Superbock 33cl
Mixers & Juices: Homemade lemonade l Coca-Cola l Schweppes tonic water l Ginger ale l Apple juice l Orange juice

Private Dinners - Wedding drinks - Algarve

Party - Open BAr

Indulge your guests in the ultimate bar experience with our comprehensive open bar packages at your wedding. Featuring a wide selection of spirits across various categories, our offerings can be expertly mixed to create exceptional and memorable cocktails. Here’s our recommended selection for the open bar:

Introducing our Essentials package, an all-encompassing selection that caters to a spectrum of preferences, ensuring a delightful experience for all your guests. From water and soft drinks to a diverse array of wines, beers, cocktails, and spirits, this is our entry-level yet most comprehensive package.


Water: Still l Sparkling
Wine: Red l White l Rose l Sparkling
Beer: Superbock 33cl
Spirits: Vodka – Absolut l Gin – Beefeater / MG l Rum – Santísima Trinidade 3 / Abuelo Añejo l Tequila – Olmeca Silver l Whisk(e)y – Jameson / Dewars / Four Roses l Brandy – Marthas Aguardende vínica velha

Cocktails: Choice of any three classic or signature cocktails with Essentials spirits.
Mixers & Juices included: Homemade lemonade l Coca-Cola l Schweppes tonic water l Ginger ale l Apple juice l Orange juice

Southside Bartending - Mobile Bar Services - Open Bar

Mobile Wedding Bar

Optional extras

Elevate Your Wedding Celebration with Personalized Touches

Amplify the joyous celebration of your union by exploring our carefully curated optional extras, meticulously crafted to enhance every facet of your wedding experience. Beyond conventional offerings, these thoughtfully designed additions present a distinctive opportunity for personalization, transforming each sip into a celebration in its own right.

Fresh Lemondade - Weddings in the Algarve - Bar Service

Flavoured Water Station.

A self-service water station is a considerate touch for your guests. In any type of celebration, access to water is essential, especially in larger weddings where guests should have the convenience of hydrating at any point during the festivities.

We’ll arrange a self-service water station (2*1m) equipped with four water dispensers and glassware. Enjoy a variety of flavored waters:

  • Still Water
  • Lime, Mint & Green Apple
  • Strawberry and Basil
  • Elderflower and Lemon

Rest assured, the glassware will be consistently replenished, and the water dispensers will be regularly topped up, ensuring a refreshing and delightful experience for your guests.

Champagne Tower.

Champagne towers add an incredible touch of luxury to any celebration. The sheer size of the tower creates a dazzling and impressive spectacle, making it a truly unforgettable sight. The visual impact of the gracefully arranged glasses is stunning, and some couples even opt for a Champagne tower pour as a unique alternative to the traditional cake-cutting ceremony.

Due to the necessity of a stable structure, the tower requires a precise number of glasses. However, for flexibility, we can add glasses on the side to accommodate the exact number of guests.

Choose from the following tower size options:

  • 3 levels – 14 Glasses
  • 4 levels – 30 Glasses
  • 5 levels – 55 Glasses
  • 6 levels – 91 Glasses
  • 7 levels – 140 Glasses
  • 8 levels – 204 Glasses

Each level adds its own touch of elegance, providing a customizable and visually captivating element to elevate your celebration.

Champagne tower Algarve - Wedding Bar Services
Wedding Bar Algarve, Wedding Favours Southside Bartending

Wedding Favours

Expressing gratitude to your guests for sharing in your special day is beautifully achieved through wedding favors. Opting for miniature alcohol bottles provides a stylish and contemporary twist to traditional tokens of appreciation, ensuring they become a standout feature on your wedding table and a cherished keepsake for attendees.

Personalize the accompanying tags with a phrase of your choice, ranging from the whimsical “Dancing Juice” to the sentimentally playful “We tied the knot, now take a shot.” Additionally, you have the freedom to select the beverage that best suits your taste and theme, whether it’s sweet liqueurs, spirits, or even a delightful cocktail.

We offer two bottle sizes, 20ml and 50ml, both of which can be filled with your preferred liquid, adding a personalized touch to this thoughtful gesture.

Beer Barrow.

We understand that certain weddings seek a more rustic ambiance, characterized by unique decor and a relaxed atmosphere. For the laid-back crowd that appreciates the charm of a chilled beer and values practicality, we present a delightful optional extra: 

The Beer Barrow. 

This fun and quirky solution ensures that cold beers are always within reach, adding a touch of novelty to your celebration. The Beer Barrow can be filled with a diverse selection of both national and international beers, offering a refreshing and personalized experience for your guests. Elevate your wedding with this charming addition, bringing a relaxed and enjoyable vibe to your special day.

Beer Barrows for Weddings in the Algarve Rustic Weddings


In addition to our exceptional beverage service, we have cultivated a network of esteemed food catering partners ready to provide a diverse selection of exquisite canapés. Elevate your event with these delightful bite-sized offerings that perfectly complement our beverage offerings.

wedding Bar hire costs

Planning your wedding bar is an exciting journey, and we’re here to make it as seamless as possible! To ensure you get a quote that perfectly fits your needs, we’d love for you to share some key details with us:

📅 Event Date & Location: Even if it’s just an estimate, telling us your preferred date and potential location helps us figure out all the logistics.

👰🤵 Guest Count: How many wonderful people are joining your celebration? Knowing the expected guest count helps us customize our services just for you.

🎁 Packages Galore: We’ve got a few packages to choose from. Whether you lean towards a standard offering or dream of a more personalized arrangement, the choice is yours! Our package range is here.

Time Together: Our pricing works on hourly rates, depending on the package you choose. Let us know how many hours you envision for the bar services. This way, our quotes align seamlessly with your event timeline. If you have a rough schedule for the day, that’s even better – it helps us nail down setup timings.

Once you receive our initial proposal, think of it as a starting point. Your feedback is invaluable! Feel free to suggest additions, changes, or even things you’d like to remove to make it just right for you. We’re here to make this journey as smooth and personalized as possible. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re ready to tweak the proposal until it’s 100% perfect for your dream wedding bar experience! ✨


Within our offerings, you’ll find a selection of meticulously curated packages, each presented as a suggestion. These packages serve as a foundation, ready to be utilized as they are, or alternatively, you have the flexibility to engage in mixing, matching, and tailoring elements to craft a bespoke menu that aligns seamlessly with your vision.

Additionally, our commitment extends to providing expert guidance and support throughout the process. We are dedicated to collaborating with you, ensuring that the final result precisely meets your expectations.

Initiating this process requires just a swift email or a brief phone call, and we will promptly generate an initial menu and quotation tailored to your specific preferences and requirements.

Customers reviews

"We have finally had time to catch our breath after the wedding! Just to say we’d love to leave you a review and will tag you in any photos when we have them as you, your team, and Southside were AMAZING 🤩!!! We had so many compliments on the wine with dinner, then everyone loved the cocktails so much, especially the Paloma 🙌🏼 i was so happy we got to do the champagne tower too ✨ I know the weather made everything challenging but you went above and beyond for us and we were so grateful 🥹 thank you!!”
Emily T.
Wedding Bar - Loulé
“I wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the service provided at the wedding. You went above and beyond, even beyond the confines of the bar area when requested… I work in hospitality and events and this style of work really does mean a lot. A great asset…”
Aisling P.
Wedding Bar - Évora
Jamie and the team smashed it!!!!!! We selected their Open Bar (Essentials) package for our Vow renewal in August 2023. We found their packages on their website clear and easy to address what we wanted. The package was perfect for us and our guests loved it. The staff remember the drinks our guests had and liked and they even pro-actively made sure our guests where topped up throughout. Highly recommend this amazing company. They didn't need power or fridges, they came totally prepared.
Lucy S.
Vow Renewal - Alvor


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