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Based just a few miles from Faro, capital of the sunny Algarve. Here you will find a team of young, yet experienced and professional bartenders here to assist you.

Delivery of high-end cocktails, great service and amazing guest experience are our main values, and we apply them in both our bar catering and consultancy programs.

Above all we love what we do and offer expert and innovative drinks delivery, bringing ideas to life and ensuring we offer the most accomplished cocktail programs the industry has to offer.

We provide Mobile Bar Services the Algarve. Choose from numerous packages

Bar catering.

You have a lot on your plate already, so let us take care of what is in your glass. We offer full Bar & Drinks packages tailored to your occasion. Providing our mobile bar service for private parties, weddings, corporate events, festivals, or birthdays.

From the very early stages we will listen to you, advise you and offer ideas on menus, drinks, wines, and the general running of the event. We are more than happy to always give a tailor-made and detailed quotation for you to discuss with your family or colleagues. After this we then ask for your comments and adapt our quotation to suit. This will carry on until you are 100% happy with what we are going to offer ‘on the day’.

 Our team will take care of all aspects of the bar hire from the setup up to clear up, glasses, ice and utensils, the lot. Therefore you only have to tell us what you need, as we cover the length and width of the South of Portugal we will be sure to provide an unforgettable service no matter where or when your event is being held.

Bar consulting.

Whether you are opening a new bar and need to train your staff or need help increasing your revenue by changing your cocktail menu, we have the requirements you need to elevate your beverage program.

Our bar consultancy service works to help bars increase revenue by giving advice on your staffing, products, and pricing.

We use our expertise developed over years to advise clients on how to perfect their operation. Alongside individual drink creation, we focus on structuring menus that can consistently ‘wow’ customers night after night. Therefore our team will train your staff on all aspects of bar management and impeccable customer service.

In addition our consultants can come into and work alongside your staff, until we feel they are ready to go it alone.

Mobile Bar Services Algarve and Private Chef


We offer full Bar & Drinks packages tailored to your occasion. Providing our mobile bar services for private parties, weddings, corporate events, festivals, or birthdays. In addition we have various packages enclosed but you can mix and match, alter, and generally produce your own bespoke menu.


Our welcome drinks package is a wonderful way to treat your guests.  Firstly they will be greeted by our professional staff when they arrive at your event and will be given a refreshment or glass of champagne.


Choose amongst a variety of open bar packages, from basics to premium, to specific.  For this reason we have a perfect beverage package for your occasion. Tailored to offer all your guests an unlimited variety of their favourite drinks.


We specialize in creating beautiful, delicious cocktails complemented by our award-winning bartenders. Understanding the need for bars to offer fast service while still retaining atmospheric ambience. Accordingly we create bespoke menus mixing classic cocktails and our craft selection according to your favourite flavours and spirits.


At Southside Bartending, we work closely with various award-winning bartenders to supply the best service and drinks on the market. As a result we can supply bartenders for any time and occasion to make anything from simple drinks to exquisite cocktails.


Indulge in a unique wine experience in the comfort of your home, or any other venue of your choice. Allow our sommelier to carefully select a variety of wine from various regions of Portugal and guide you through all the different steps and details of the tasting.


We have a network of food catering partners that can supply a variety of canapes to accompany our beverage service.


Southside Bartending offers a comprehensive bar consultancy service for new or existing venues. This includes concepts, design, menus, equipment sourcing, bar management processes, route to market, recruitment, and training. Moreover we have the necessary requirements to elevate our client’s beverage program and perfect their operation.

Bar Concept - Consulting Services


In an ever-changing industry, it is increasingly important to provide a unique offering. Developing a stand-alone identity is as important in distinguishing one venue from another within your hotel or resort complex as it is to elevating your destination bar or restaurant above the local competition. Our creative team offers support in both concept creation, developing a bespoke concept from scratch, and concept definition, defining a coherent beverage offering rooted in your existing venue concept.

Menu Creation - Bar Consulting


Your beverage menus should be a reflection of the bar itself. Celebrating the concept, driving sales, and maintaining your guest’s curiosity. We will create a bespoke cocktail selection based on the outlet concepts, with an equal product mix of classic, contemporary, and innovative cocktails. As part of our menu development, we negotiate pricing with route to market, cost drinks to correct GP %, create cocktail specs, and training on drinks making. We assess the venue location and demographics to ensure the correct product mix is delivered and maximum profitability is achieved.

Staff Training Southside bartending - WSET courses


Consistency and standard of service is integral to a successful business. You are only as good as your weakest link. We can help you in the recruitment and development of the best bartenders, bar managers and all levels bar staff and in their development.

We train both management and staff, providing comprehensive theoretical and practical training in bar service. This includes training on service standards, product knowledge, minimising wastage, dealing with customers, and upselling.

Account otimization Southside bartending - F&B Consulting Services


It is important to build good relationships with suppliers and it works both ways. The aim is to have an organized, well run business with clear accounts. This requires efficient accounting processes from both supplier & customer. Clear processes for delivery, invoicing, and payments, will build trust and help define optimization capabilities. Where there is track record and trust, discounts and special promotions will be commonplace.

Bar design Southside bartending - F&B Design


Designers do a great job of producing workable schematics focusing on how wonderful and inspiring decor and design features will be present in your bar. Our operational experts will review and validate their technical drawings in terms of layout, workability, ergonomics, and equipment specification to ensure that the efficiency of the service will be maximised. Also, we will look at number of covers, estimated footfall and guest flow, along with the staffing requirement, style of beverages served, and their specific operational requirements to ensure timely service.

Mistery Guest Southside bartending


The ideal package for the business wanting to know how it’s doing from the customer’s point of view. For this package we would visit your venue on an agreed date and evaluate the staff and service from start to finish. This can also include any additional areas you would like checked such as food standards or the booking process. Once we have visited the venue, we will send you a full report of the findings and our suggestions as to how to improve the service.


We have various packages enclosed, but they are only our suggestions! They can be used as they are, or you can mix and match, alter and generally produce your own bespoke menu.

Furthermore we will help and advise you along the way so that together we come up with exactly what you want.

A quick email or phone call is all we need to prepare an initial menu and quotation.

Recruitment for our Mobile Bar Services in the Algarve

Team Work at Southside Bartending - Hiring - Mobile Bar Services Algarve


We are constantly looking for passionate, hard-working, and experienced people to join us in our various projects.


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