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Terms & Conditions

The application becomes effective only after confirmation of payment of the course by our bank as well as receipt of the application fully completed and signed by the applicant, which should be sent to the email:

[email protected]


All bookings made before the course date must be paid in full to ensure registration. Once payment has been received, a confirmation will be sent by email and the corresponding invoice.

Places on the course are secured by the respective payment order and registration.

If payment is not made at the time of booking, registration will be provisional, which does not guarantee the place on the course.

Alterations and Cancellations


You may change a confirmed booking to another date or to another person up to 10 working days before the start of the course for an administrative fee of €50.00 plus the cost of any additional study materials that may apply.


At the initiative of the candidate:

Cancellations before the end of the registration period:

All cancellations should be sent by email to [email protected] no later than 5 working days before the end of the registration period set for each course.

Southside Bartending will send a confirmation of receipt and acceptance of cancellation by email within 48 hours. Only with the confirmation of the cancellation’s acceptance will there be a refund.

An administrative fee of 50 euros and the value of study materials and their postage, if sent, will be deducted from the reimbursement.

Cancellations after the end of the registration period:

Once the registration period has ended, the candidate will no longer be able to request the cancellation of his/her registration or its refund.

However, you may choose to take the course on another date by sending your request by email to : [email protected]

If this request is made up to 6 working days before the beginning of the course, and once the confirmation is received by email, the candidate is left with the registration frozen (the freeze is only valid foe a duration of 6 months). The candidate will be able to re-enroll in a next course, having only to pay an administrative fee of 50 euros.

For cancellations after 6 working days before the day of the course there will be no refund.

Note for students:

All transfers are subject to availability on alternative course/examination dates.

At the organisation’s initiative:

Southside Bartending reserves the right to cancel the candidate’s registration if some of the data provided in this form does not correspond to reality.

Southside Bartending reserves the right to make changes to the programme, venue, and schedule as well as cancel or postpone a course if a minimum number of candidates is not reached by the deadline for registration.

If necessary, registered students can transfer their booking to another scheduled course of the same level with no additional cost. If the alterations made do not suit them request a refund of the fee. In any case, Southside Bartending will not be liable for any expenses, damages or losses incurred by the participant.

Access requirements

Participants must notify via email of any special requirements (motor difficulty, impaired vision, special educational needs) at the time of registration.

The candidate will be responsible for informing the course organisation of any physical or medical circumstances that are incompatible with alcohol consumption, prior to registration.

Southside Bartending is not responsible for any allergic reactions or any other problems that may occur to a candidate. People who take medication that is incompatible with alcohol or who have diseases that prevent contact with or consumption of alcohol, as well as pregnant women and individuals under 18 years of age cannot participate in the courses under any pretext.

For more information please read our Reasonable Adjustments policy.

Allergies and medical conditions

If you suffer from any allergies (incl. nut allergies) or medical conditions that may affect your participation in our courses or examinations, this must be indicated on the booking form so we can accommodate any special requirements you may have. 

Participating in our courses and tastings

Please refrain from wearing any strong-smelling perfume, aftershave, body creams or deodorants when participating on courses as this can affect the sensory experience of fellow course participants.  It is prohibited to remove any sample bottles from the course venue following the course.  Our courses are educational therefore the use of spittoons during tastings are requirement. Any course participants who are deemed to be intoxicated and/or disruptive will be removed from the course premises.

Photography and Filming

For promotional purposes, there may be a professional photographer and a video production taking place during the event. People who do not wish to be filmed or recorded should notify the organisers by e-mail before the course.

Data protection

By submitting registration data, participants agree to allow their personal information to be provided to the Wine & Spirit Education Trust.

Personal data (names, date of birth and email addresses) will be shared between Southside Bartending and WSET to facilitate the ordering of exams and to archive past exam scores. Any data that Southside Bartending and WSET store will be for the benefit of students, as they will be able to contact our offices regarding information on past examination results.

All data that is passed on to WSET will be handled in accordance with WSET’s Data Protection Policy.

For more information please read our Privacy Policy .


It is the participant’s responsibility to provide adequate insurance cover in connection with their participation in the course. Southside Bartending cannot be held liable for any loss, liability, or damage to personal property.

If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact us:

Jaime Twissell Montgomery

Southside Bartending

[email protected]

+(351) 915 319 946

Casa 1015 Cx 545Z Medronhal, Sta barbara nexe

8008-502 Faro


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+(351) 915 319 946


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